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Our Background

American Muslims and Jews are each members of minority communities, with many common values and traditions, that have coexisted for centuries in many parts of the world. We are inspired by a core of both religions: "to treat the other as thyself" and to do so in practice, not just  prayer. With deep respect of our faith traditions, we advance a respectful exchange of differing views, the ideals of democracy, and a commitment to thoughtful public action -- derived by an IJMA consensus-building process -- that improves fellowship across ethnic and religious lines.

We are individuals and representatives of Muslim and Jewish organizations, and allies from other faiths, determined to further the rights of all Americans to freedom of religion and conscience. By minorities' joining forces as part of the American way of life, we become stronger than we are by ourselves -- to enhance minority, religious and cultural rights for all.

Our Mission 

To foster a diversity of views both within and between Muslim and Jewish communities to create a more tolerant, informed, loving and respectful society.  We value the religious and cultural heritage of each group and the immense benefits each brings to the other and the wider population. 

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Our Principles

Respecting Views of the Other. Differing views on some issues do not prevent coming together on others to benefit our noble values. We appreciate the mixed history of some in our communities and look forward to improve relations. We agree to discuss past grievances and work together to heal them while advancing a thoughtful understanding of each community's dynamics.

Dialog Principles and Open-Mindedness. IJMA participants seek clarity and rigor in assessing their own traditions. Failure to apply a clear and critical lens toward one’s own tradition can reflect self-righteousness, a failure to practice humility, and an unwillingness to be open-minded. No one has all the answers. 

Standing Up for the Other.  We will not hesitate to defend the interests of each other's communities when they come under attack in the U.S.   Collective action decisions will be based on our Democratic Governance principles.

Democratic Governance. Decisions will be based on "IJMA" -- a consensus of our participants.

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