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Our Work

Our Process --Addressing

Challenging Subjects via "IJMA" consensus- building

  • Our focus includes challenging issues that have divided our communities and allowed bias and, in some cases, bigotry to develop.

  • Jews will explore anti-Muslim sentiment within the Jewish community and Muslims will explore anti-Jewish sentiment within the Muslim community.

  • Our open-minded, self-evaluative and respectful approach provides for a safe, congenial environment  to put "everything on the table" for discussion. 

  • We shine a light on subjects that others avoid and apply critical thinking and rigor to jointly reach "IJMA".

Our Impact -- Correcting Distortion and Bias and Bringing People Together

  • We develop high-impact programs to correct distortion and  stereotyping.

  • We conduct activities to spotlight and model the many values and traditions that Muslims and Jews share; the rights sought by all minorities; and the humanity shared by everyone.

  • We organize forums, resources and other action to bring about a more informed understanding of, and respect for, our faiths and cultures, and those of other ethnicities.

  • Being stronger together, we advocate for remedial policies within public, private and nonprofit organizations, as well as at various levels of government.

  • Our joint action, decided upon by open dialog and coming to IJMA (agreement), strengthens ties between our two communities and demonstrates to the wider world the benefits of engagement. 

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