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IJMA Inter Jewish Muslim Alliance
IJMA Inter Jewish Muslim Alliance

Statement of November 2023:

Condemnation of Terrorism, Concern for Civilian Casualties, and Call to Aid Postwar Gaza

The Inter Jewish Muslim Alliance (IJMA) issues a statement in this dark time of terrorism in Israel followed by war in Gaza. We hold many different views of the ongoing conflict. We listen to and respect the views of those with whom we don’t always agree. And we are united in four important respects.

First, we condemn unequivocally the attack of Hamas of October 7 and call for the release of all hostages. The targeting of civilians is never justified. As a group of Muslim and Jewish leaders, including religious scholars, imams and rabbis, we specifically condemn the acts of Hamas as contrary to the laws of Islam and Judaism. Hamas’ actions advance neither the cause of Palestinian nationalism nor the hopes for peace between Israelis and Palestinians; they are terrorist acts. Second, we call on Israel in the ongoing war with Hamas to take all precautionary measures required by law to preserve the life, health and property of Palestinian civilians. Such measures are required by international humanitarian law. They are incumbent on all democracies that, in waging war, desire the support of the United States and other countries in the free world. Ensuring access to adequate humanitarian supplies for civilians in Gaza is only one aspect of these obligations.

Third, we recognize that after this war the people of Gaza will require the intervention of the international community to provide security and reconstruction. They will need a defined period of international support in their transition to self-governance. Therefore, we call for an international effort to provide humanitarian aid, to stabilize and reconstruct Gaza, and to develop conditions for self-governance, using best practices and models from other post-conflict situations and making available the best experts available in the international community.

Fourth, following the end of the war with Hamas, the international community must call for the restart of peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. A future of dignity, security, peace and prosperity for both Israelis and Palestinians is not possible without a peace settlement and an end to the conflict.

IJMA is an independent alliance of Muslims and Jews. We share the common purpose of replacing stereotypes and distortion about each other and other ethnic groups with knowledge and understanding. We support freedom of religion and fight discrimination and bigotry. We strive to serve as one model of civic engagement for others in pluralistic democracies.


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